Funbugs Kids Indoor Play Centre Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the most commonly asked questions about our kids indoor playground.

Kids Indoor Play Centre

Are Prams Allowed in the Indoor Play Zone?

Yes, you can bring your pram into the indoor play centre, but your pram will need to be stored when you’re not using it, so kids don’t trip over them or run into them. We’ll wipe down the wheels of your pram when you enter, so little ones can crawl on the floor without picking up any nasties.

What Happens if I Forget to Bring Socks?

You must wear socks for you and your little ones to enter the indoor playhouse. If you’ve forgotten your socks, we have pairs you can purchase at entry.

What Ages are Suitable for Indoor Play?

Our indoor play centre is suitable for toddlers to kids up to 10 years old.

Does Funbugs Playhouse Ballarat Offer Free WiFi?

No, sorry we do not offer free wifi

I Don’t Have Any Cash with Me. Do You Accept Cards?

Our indoor play centre accepts cash and EFTPOS. We also accept Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay.


What Food Do You Have at Your Cafe?

Hot chips, nuggets, coffee and much more.

Are You An Allergy-Aware Indoor Play Centre?

Yes, we are! Please let our staff know if you or your little ones have any allergy or dietary requirements.


Can I Bring My Own Cake?

Yes! You can bring your own cake and we’ll store it in our fridge until you’re ready to serve it. We also have partnerships with a cake decorator so you have the option to have a personalised cake made for your little one.

Can We Bring Our Own Balloons into the Indoor Play Centre?

Yes! You’re welcome to bring your own balloons. If they are filled with helium, they will need to be secured with a helium balloon weight (floor or table weight is fine) because balloons can’t be tied to our furniture. Balloons are not allowed to be released into the indoor playhouse.

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